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Question 3: What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why?

‘ Invisible Lives’  is a low budget independent thriller that explores homelessness and stalking.  The  obscure story line and issues explored within our films, and the low budget film means that our film would be best distributed by Warp Films,  who are commonly known for working with low budget films such as ours. They have distributed many alternative  films which include ‘This is England’ and ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’.  Warp distribute films which tackle social issues and real life problems that occur, our film fits into this category because it is looking at a problem that surrounds us on a day to day basis, and distributing a film that raises awareness could show the population of Britain, that the number of young homeless people are rising, and see the problem that we face.  Film Four is also linked with ‘Warp Films’ and they could be interested in a thriller such as ours, due to the fact it is talking about problems that the country of Britain are ignoring, and because they are  “known  for working with the most innovative talent in the UK, whether new or established’

Film four also host particular genre weeks, that promote upcoming films or films that have recently been released. Our thriller could appeal to Film Four due to our appeal to a niche audience. The internet is also an effective way that we could distribute our media product due to the fact that is at low expense, and if not free. It means that our thriller would be avaible to a wider audience, and many more young people; provided it was distributed on appropriate sites such as:






All these interfaces would help distribute our film, and also allow the audience to engage with the production as well as give their opinions and feedback on our film.

YouTube; is also a website which we could use to distribute our media product as it is used by many companies to distribute their films, ‘Animal Kingdom (2010) used YouTube, as well as many other website to distribute their film. It is easy to upload videos and it is free. The website it also easily accessible by smart – phones such as blackberry’s and iPhones, as well as other iPod models, which are becoming more and more popular as technology improves.

We could also use film festivals that promote film festivals such as those held in Berlin, Budapest as well as London  called ‘Emerge and see’  it works to promote young short-filmmakers, and works to highlight student talents through their events.
Below is one of their posters for an event they held in 2010 in Berlin:

‘Working Title’ would not be a suitable distribution method for our thriller film, due to the low budget, and unknown actors/ actresses that feature in our film. In Working Title’s ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ (2011) features many well known mainstream actors, such as Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, and Benedict Cumberbatch ;that make the film appealing to the audience, but also shows that this film is very mainstream. Working Title, are also very unlikely to fund our thriller, due to the fact it is more suitable for a niche audience, and because the social issues tackled are not targeted at Working Titles mainstream audience.

Warp films market themselves to mainly to an audience of 16-25 British demographic, whether than Working Title work with much higher production values, but target an older audience of people aged 30+, they also have a strong eye for the American Market, not so much a European or British audience. My thriller does not identify much with Working Titles ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ in comparison to other films which are marketed by smaller independent distributers such as Warp.

If our film were to be distributed via cinema, Cinema City Norwich is an independent cinema which is known for showing independent low budget films, and targets a niche audience, for many genres of film, thrillers being one of them.They also films such as:
The Artist

and Foreign films such as Amelie;

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