Thursday, 13 October 2011

Shot Reverse Shot, Match on action & 180° rule

180° rule
The 180 degree rule is one which means that two people in a scene should always keep the same left and right relationship to one another, so that the audience watching doesn't get confused. The picture below shows that if the camera crosses the line connecting the two charachters together, it is called crossing the line, this is called a reverse shot - and it means that the two charachters are seen on opposite sides of the shot than before.
Match On Action
This is when the camera follows the steps, movements and action that the character makes and then cuts it from one action to the next but making it a different angle or camera keeping sure that it is giving continuation to the scene.

Shot Reverse Shot

Shot reverse shot is a technique used when two characters are talking to one another; face to face, and one character is shown looking at the another, then it shows the other charachter lookingback at the first. Because the charachters are facing eachother it looks as if they are looking at one another.

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