Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Firstly, Our group sat, and made a brief outline about what we were going to discuss in the preliminery task, and also the angles we would use. We then made a storyboard to plan exactly what would happen, and then we began filming. The plan was useful as, it enabled us to know what we were suppose to be doing, and have us a guideline to go by.

During our filming task; we used a variety of different camera angles such as; birds eye view to show the location from above, and show the layout of the scene, we used panning shots for effect,  to suggest that the charachter is moving, and bring out the character from other things in the frame. We also used tracking shots, the effect of using this shot is to make the viewers feel like they are a part of the action, instead of being static observers. I feel like i have developed my skills of using a camera, and my confidence using once has definitely increased over the task, as i had an opportunity to practice different shots and angles.
Continuity was something we lacked, as we forgot to wear the same clothes as  we had in the previous lesson and therefore had to refilm the footage we had already shot, but we used this as extra practice, and found that the footage we reshot, was  better than the orginal film. 

I was not able to take part in the editing of the video, as i couldn't be in school due to a family wedding that i had to attend. However, i feel that the group i worked with did a brilliant job with doing so.

Overall; the preliminary task was enjoyable, and gave me a chance to work with new people and learn new skills.


  1. Mandy you need to reference the document I gave you re evaluating your preliminary task in order to answer the questions accurately, whilst also discussing the technical requirements of this aspect of your coursework.

  2. Could you also scan in your story boards and any other planning.